Clothing Room Volunteer

Every day we have donors that give their gently used clothing. Our Clothing Room Volunteers help us by organizing and sorting these donations.

Rebuilding Houston

Volunteers interested in helping rebuild Houston will assist in a variety of construction and rebuilding projects in the Houston area. The rebuilding process in Houston is said to take anywhere from 6 to 10 years, volunteers are still needed. Volunteer opportunities may include, but are not limited to, clearing debris, roofing, drywall finishing, flooring, interior/exterior painting etc. – all tasks needed in a rebuilding process.

CLEAN-UP Bucket Assembler

Once families can return to their homes after a disaster they will need cleaning materials. Our Clean-Up Bucket Assembler will help us by packing our 5-gallon ACS yellow buckets with items to help survivors clean their homes.

Comfort Kit Assembler (Hygiene Kits)

Hygiene Kits are items that are made available to individuals who are displaced from their homes and/or are being sheltered during a disaster. Our Comfort Kit Assembler will help us by packing Comfort Kits with items such as a bath towel, bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

Personal Hygiene Kits

Mold REmediation Guide

This guide provides an overview on mold and walks you through an effective mold remediation process, which can be undertaken with help from your family and/or neighbors. Remember you DO NOT and SHOULD NOT have to spend thousands of dollars on mold remediation



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