ARKANSAS flooding

- Lavida Whitson, Director of Adventist Community Services for the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference/Disaster Response, along with Bev Wynot, assistant Director, and with the support of Texas Adventist Community Services/Disaster Response opened a distribution center in Fort Smith Arkansas in order to help the survivors impacted by the flooding.


- The Arkansas River’s flood level in usually 22 feet , but due to all the rain, it has been as high as 40.8 feet. This caused many along the river to be displaced and lose their homes. The distribution center was opened to receive donations and along survivors to come and receive many items that are needed.

- The Red Cross also reached out to us for clothing. They are housing some of the survivors in a shelter set up in Fort Smith Arkansas.

Oklahoma flooding

- The Arkansas River, which flows through much of Oklahoma, has caused roads to be closed and people to be displaced from their homes. Judy and Ken Reid of the Samaritan Center in Muskogee Oklahoma received cleaning buckets, hygiene kits, and other items in order to help those impacted in the area.


California wildfires

“The Paradise Adventist Church burned down but the Body of Christ is alive and well,” Merilyn Chaffee posted on the church Facebook page. Many of the church members met this past Sabbath at the Chico Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chico, California. Members are hoping to start services soon with a camp-meeting style if necessary. The Northern California Conference offers ways to help those affected by the #campfire ( Thank your for keeping everyone affected by all the California fires in prayer.

Hurricane Michael

Adventist Community Services is in need of cleaning supplies to assemble a total of 1,500 Cleanup Buckets. Buckets are needed in Florida to help those who have been affected by Hurricane Micheal. Funds can be donated at or you can drop off cleaning supplies at the Adventist Community Services Depot located at 702 N. Old Betsy Road, Keene, Texas. Our hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm. Thank you for your willingness to help others. Click here to see items needed to complete a cleanup bucket.


Keene Junior High isd

Adventist Community Services and Disaster Response would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. David Diaz, teacher of ESL/Dyslexia and the students of Keene Junior High for a job well done. A call for cleaning supplies was made and the students and staff of Keene Junior High came through with funds in the amount of $1,600.52. Students shared that a project called “Penny War” was held on their campus. Students were divided into teams called “Houses”. The Challenge was to see which “House” brought in the most funds. We thank the students and staff for their efforts in raising funds for victims of Hurricane Michael through this project. Great job!

Florence Recovery

Survivors of Hurricane Harvey received overwhelming support from our sister conferences across the United States last year.  Today, Texas Adventist Community Services and Disaster Response was able to “Pay it Forward” to churches setup as distribution sites in North Carolina, following, Hurricane Florence. 1,700 hygiene kits and 1,380 cleanup buckets were sent to Wilmington, NC, Whiteville, NC and Fayeteville, NC.  This show of support is due to the generous offerings by you, our members in the Texas Conference. We thank you for your continued support!

Hygiene Kits and Cleanup buckets headed to North Carolina

Hygiene Kits and Cleanup buckets headed to North Carolina